Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Layers, Abstraction and Walls

Here are a few recent paintings, I recently finished dealing with the complex layered history that builds up on urban walls.  Inspired by and intending to reference the layering of DeKooning's Black and White paintings, I wanted vibrant colors to emerge from behind the more minimal erasure of white paint.   Alluding to the ways in which cities buff and cover up graffiti, the obscured vibrant colors, laden with beautiful yet destructive traces of human interaction, emerge from behind the layer of white.  With these pieces I tried to loosen my approach and focus on making the work function as successful abstractions without becoming too concerned about recreating a believable photorealistic reality.

Hopefully the more minimalist edge helps to both unify the palate and highlight the destructive beauty and evolving nature of urban walls.

History is Written onto Walls
36in x 24in; acrylic, spray paint, ink marker, found posters on canvas

Peeling Away to the Past
24in x 36in; acrylic, spray paint, ink marker, found posters on canvas

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  1. 'Peeling A way to the Past' is amazing! I hope you have an art agent in a key city like London - DC